Slamlanta Film Festival

March 2019 / Stay tuned for schedule of events

The Slamlanta Film Festival is a showcase of innovative filmmaking created by Filmmakers, for Filmmakers. This festival serves new and emerging artists, filmmakers, and storytellers.


The Slamlanta Film Festival began when filmmakers saw a niche of independent films that were overlooked by larger festivals in the region. Realizing the potential and importance that these films had, a unique festival experience was created to exemplify the works of these creatives. For the past 10 years, Pinch 'N' Ouch Theatre has played a vital role in showcasing emerging artists and filmmakers, giving a voice to the up-and-coming filmmakers by offering them film festivals, education, and working opportunities. This two week-long celebration of independent filmmaking culminates as an incredible time for creatives and film lovers alike to celebrate the art of visual storytelling and to discover some of the best new independent filmmakers.

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