Jason Winn

Artistic Associate


Jason Winn is an independent film director best known for such works as the critically acclaimed feature film The Fat Boy Chronicles, the award-winning (including Best Director) short film Last Bullet, and the recreation of the Paula Peril comic series. Along with his success in full-length and short feature film, he has extensive experience with documentary films and groundbreaking advertising work, such as the edgy and shocking “Your Silence Kills” anti-bullying campaign. Winn recently completed production on The Assault, starring Khandi Alexander and MackenzieVega, airing on network television in the fall of 2014. Winn’s colleagues and former cast members attribute his continued success to his innate ability to inspire stellar performances from his actors (thus making Jason Winn the quintessential “actor’s director”) and his intuitive talent for making films that are cerebral, emotionally charged, entertaining, and relevant. His ability to consistently deliver first-rate work and inspired performances demonstrates his diverse vision and versatility. To date, Winn’s most commercially successful work has been The Fat Boy Chronicles, released in 2012 by Melee Entertainment and Phase 4 Entertainment . This heartfelt and unflinching coming-ofage film remained in the Top 10 most rented family movies for more than a month and the Top 20 most rented family films for over 8 months with Redbox in January of 2012. Since then, the film achieved the same top ten status in VOD downloads, as well as being a consistently strong seller in Walmart and other retail outlets in North America following its retail launch in February of the same year. Since it’s release, The Fat Boy Chronicles has had continued world wide success and has been viewed by millions internationally. It has since gone on to become an important and hugely successful learning tool within the nation’s schools.

In 2008, Winn directed the short Last Bullet, an intense and deeply moving portrayal of two American soldiers caught in the struggle for their lives. Winn’s efforts with Last Bullet won accolades for the movie and for himself, including Best Short Film, Finalist Awards, and Best Director. In 2011, Winn reimagined, reinvented, and revamped the market for the acclaimed Paula Peril comic book series and directed the short Paula Peril: Midnight Whistle, as well as directed, rewrote, and produced the upcoming feature anthology The Adventures of Paula Peril, to be released globally in 2014 by Fairway Alliance.

His recent achievements also include the soon-to-be released (Marvista Entertainment) feature The Assault, which is the bold, gritty, and all-too socially relevant tale of a vulnerable young girl who is the victim of a violent sexual assault, but becomes a pariah in her own community- due to the power of social media and the societal pressures facing our suburban youth in 2014. Like much of Winn’s other work, The Assault is a poignant and brave reflection of American culture that uniquely manages to be disturbing and powerful, yet entertaining and hopeful. Along with these feature films, Winn will also release the full feature documentary Spiral Bound: Arts and Education in America, which is a film about the recent defunding of the arts in public education in the US and the consequences we might face in ten to fifteen years if changes are not made today. Spiral Bound will hit the festival circuit in the fall of 2014. For a complete list of Winn’s credits, please visit IMDB.com