Monday evenings from 7-10pm for 12 weeks

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Teaching Artist: Grant McGowen

This 12-week class, taught by critically acclaimed Acting Teacher Grant McGowen, lays the foundation for powerful, organic acting. As you gradually begin to trust in your unique creative instincts, you will develop the skills necessary for truthful, believable acting. The Meisner Technique has been taught to many award winning actors, directors, and writers in both film and theatre.




To schedule an interview: or call 404-455-1313

Prerequisite: Must complete Meisner Foundation. In this 12-week class, you will continue to learn the essentials of truthful acting and will work on challenging stage plays. You will work in collabroation with professional stage Directors. This class offers a showcase for Agents, Directors, and Casting Directors.

Meisner Acting Class Student Showcase Highlights 11.14.15 from Grant McGowen on Vimeo.




To schedule an interview: or call 404-455-1313

Teaching Artist: Grant McGowen

Prerequisite: Must complete Meisner Foundation. This 12-week class is devoted to acting on camera. You will practice the skills necessary to effectively execute any shot. You will learn how to break down a script, build a character from the ground up and tell a story with powerful, believable acting. This class also offers an oppotrunity to collaborate with professional working Directors.





To schedule an or call 404-455-1313

Teaching Artist: Grant McGowen

Prerequisite: Must complete Levels 1, 2, & 3. This class is designed for the professional actor, that is dedicated to a career in acting. Each week, you will practice submitting a new self tape audition. You will also practice auditioning in person, in front of real Casting Directors, and get important feedback that will help you improve. You will also learn how to maximize your potential for success with great headshots, resumes, reels, and other marketing tools. You will build confidence in yourself with auditioning, which will help you focus more on the art or acting and not the industy pressures that can inhibit your creativity.



Pinch n' Ouch Theatre's Meisner Acting Class Student Showcase.

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"Teaching artist Grant McGowen and the hardest working man in the theatre business conducts courses into the finer points of acting, in this class he centers on the Meisner method... These actors are believable and do a good job of being vulnerable... For those of you that have a bucket list or are seeking a shift in careers, join in the fun and take a course from Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theatre." -The Backstage Beat


"Grant McGowen, producing artistic director at Atlanta’s five-year-old professional theater, Pinch ’n’ Ouch, has ushered in an acting revolution in the Southeast with his intensive four-level Meisner Acting Immersion course. Here, actors learn to trust their own creative instincts and develop the skills for truthful, truly vulnerable acting on stage and screen... Pinch 'n' Ouch has been presenting edgy and poignant new scripts with impassioned, vulnerable performances since 2010... In addition, the theater offers training by its outstanding ensemble of actors." -Backstage Magazine


"Grant McGowen has gotten fine, sharp performances from all his actors, in every play...Pinch ‘N’ Ouch continues to grow as perhaps Atlanta’s finest “Off Broadway” company. We’ve mentioned in these pages that Mr. McGowen has a gift for attracting talent. " -Atlanta InTown Paper


The Meisner Family at Pinch 'n' Ouch Theatre.

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"Pinch 'N' Ouch Theatre (PNO) under the leadership of the accomplished Grant McGowen swept into Atlanta's in town theatre scene five years ago and rocked its world with the veracity and gutsiness of its acting and its edgy, new and often world class play discoveries... Many of the performers are making their PNO and first time ever acting debut and it is a testament to both the organic Meisner technique that PNO swears by together with McGowen's teaching prowess to see the level of these performances." -Aquarius Media Network


"Producing Artistic Director [and teacher] Grant McGowen’s steady Pinch n’ Ouch staging is bolstered by the strong performances of his actors. What’s initially impressive is how sharply defined their roles seem to be, but as some of the play’s ulterior motives develop, each of the actors provides a credible contrast and texture that keeps us guessing. In a number of heated exchanges, they also skillfully handle the demands of [the playwright's] dialogue... Admirable, too, is McGowen’s sense of timing." -Atlanta Journal Constitution


“McGowen’s gutsy actors give naturalistic powerhouse performances... The name, “Pinch ‘N’ Ouch, honors legendary acting coach Sanford Meisner, who taught that acting had to be absolute truth — fully from the heart and soul... That, ultimately, could prove to be the strength of this theater group." -East Atlanta Patch






"I love the open, creative incubator in which Grant and his classes operate. He seemlessly intertwines teaching the artistic and business aspects of being a professional actor in a way that is not heavy handed or aggressive; something that I feel many other programs suffer from. I really feel like we are all on equal ground creatively, and that is an imperative part of true art in stage and film. I was a Meisner actor before I ever even realized it, but it took a mentor and friend to finally help me to understand how I need to bring ALL of myself to a role, even the parts I don't like. That, and it helped me come to terms with, and be more confident in, what I have to offer a director. I'm still learning. But now that I have the tools of this technique, I love every second of it."

-Max Leroy Reed, Actor

“I enjoyed this class immensely. I loved the way Grant coached us in our process to determine the given circumstances and how we (the characters) felt about those circumstances and about our relationships with our scene partners. Grant is very good at pushing us to go further without being overly aggresive. I really appreciated that. Grant respected us, but didn't coddle us. The most interesting thing I learned is that there are always new things to find within dialogue and action in a scene, and no matter how carefully you prepare, you can still surprise yourself and be surprised during a performance."

-Sarah Hodges, Actor in Proof, West Side Story, Steel Magnolias, Miracle Worker, Footloose 

"This class has pushed me and continues to push me. I came into Meisner having no real ideas about it and I never thought I would connect so well with a technique. Grant does a great ob of breaking everything down and guides you through the steps each one at a time. Whenever I leave class I feel drained, because Grant forces me to work harder every time. I am challenged every class, which I love! Grant does a great job of not sugarcoating and he gives it to you straight. He wants his students to succeed and he is going to point out if you can stretch yourself farther emotionally. Even if you are skeptical about the technique I encourage people to at least audit a class. You don't know it unless you try it!”

-Jackie Costello, Actor in No Soliciting, Let’s Be Cops, Speed-the-Plow, Some Girl(s), Wall Street Wedding


Photo by Drake Simons. SOME GIRL(S) by Neil LaBute. October 5-21.

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"PNO’s Meisner classes have given me the tools I needed to silence the forces of self consciousness and self sabotage that have always stood in the way of honest, emotionally grounded work.  I have learned to trust my instincts and work off the electricity that exists between myself and my scene partners, and this has completely changed the way I approach acting, writing, and and filmmaking.  What’s more- I have found at PNO a remarkable family of dedicated artists that challenge me with their willingness to take it to the edge at every opportunity."

-Nicole Kemper, Actor, Director, Screenwriter of The Mother Load and Art and Science

“Grant McGowen’s Meisner classes helped enrich and deepen my career as an actor, director, choreographer and playwright and did much more. It gave me valuable perspectives on an approach to acting that is both inspiring and practical - along with some new skills to utilize for both stage and film work. I enjoy the challenge of the work and its goal - to live truthfully in imaginary circumstances on stage and in film. Grant is a generous and gifted teacher as well as a demanding one. Each of these qualities is much appreciated. The practice sessions that are offered in addition to the classes are invaluable. I highly recommend these classes.”

-Sandra Hughes, Director, Playwright, Choreographer, Actor in Doubt

“At first, I was hesitant to sign up for the class because I felt as if I would feel out of place, already having a B.A. in Dramatic Arts. What actually happened was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I learned so much and really felt a sort of transformation in myself! The other people in the class, even some whose first acting class it was, taught me things as well. They inspired me. The environment of the entire process was incredibly beneficial to be a part of. I've developed a more visceral approach towards acting, one less focused on the intellect and more focused on instinctual spontaneity. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to study acting, whether experienced or beginner, Meisner technique is such a transformative and informative approach.”

-Mario Avani, Actor in Water By The Spoonful, Next Fall

"The moment I heard that acting is 'the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances' I was assured I was in the right place, and will forever hold that with me. I would absolutely recommend this class, especially to those that are serious about acting. This class is awesome and I can't WAIT to start working next class."

-Lauren Coleman, Actor



“I took away a lot from Meisner Level 1, such as acting is closely tied to natural impulses and NOT thinking. Don't let it come from your head, but from your heart and perhaps even groin. And you need to listen and respond truthfully, no matter what that may be. I would recommend this class to any actor, or actor-to-be. I'm intrigued with Meisner acting, thanks to this class. I will continue to study it beyond this class.”

-Margaret Lamb, Actor

“The Meisner Technique gives you tools that you can use to become more connected to the circumstances you are given. I highly recommend taking this class! Grant is one of the best teachers ever. He rocks!”

-Kori Stokes, Actor in No Soliciting

“I have gained so much knowledge already especially about being in the moment and just responding to the person your in a scene with. I am very excited about future classes.”

-Janice Wesley, Actor

“I took away a deeper understanding of the principles and techniques of emotionally-connected acting. I found having to connect with a good variety of new people the most challenging, and rewarding. This class is lots of fun, and a great way to meet new people. I would definitely recommend this to class.”

-Sebastian Davis, Actor in Heavy Water

“It was nice to have a fresh perspective on the technique, because I had taken it before. I was familiar with a lot of the material; however, there are some things we did that were completely new to me. It was exciting to deepen my understanding of it, and put it all into practice. I really did enjoy taking classes at Pinch ‘n’ Ouch and would love to take the On-Camera class again.”

-Liz Schad, Actor in Assistance

Meisner Acting Reels:

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Acting Reel - Sara Bess & Robby Glade from Grant McGowen on Vimeo.


Acting Reel - Sadye Claxton & Alana Cheshire from Grant McGowen on Vimeo.

Acting Reel - Sandra Hughes & Andrea El-Fatin from Grant McGowen on Vimeo.



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