Wall Street Wedding

February 6 - March 1, 2014 / Thursday-Saturday at 8:00pm

In Grant McGowen's new comedy WALL STREET WEDDING, brokers Tom and Phil discover they have a lot more to lose than leverage after the stock market crash of 2008. A raucously funny satire, WALL STREET WEDDING reminds us to find wealth in our relationships in these volatile economic times.

WITH: Jackie Costello, Grant McGowen, Bryn Striepe, Alex Van, & Christie Vozniak


***WALL STREET WEDDING contains mature content. Viewer discretion is advised.***


"Wall Street is collapsing, and as everything Tom (Grant McGowen) has known comes crashing down around him, the idea that love, not money, is the key to the happiness begins to simmer... McGowen has crafted a deeply entertaining comedy that is worth a look. Director Robby Glade has taken McGowen’s script and guided the talented cast to reveal the inner workings of each complex character while still successfully delivering each hilarious (and sometimes shocking) quip." -Andrew Wesley, Atlanta Theatre Fans (read more)


"Though the Wall Street crash is the monster looming over it all, this isn’t a serious, overly somber piece. It’s more about the characters’ reactions to a world that has changed forever — and how they navigate relationships after... As directed by Robby Glade, the scenes with the men crackle with energy... It’s also sharply written and observant... [As] Phil, Van has struck gold. He is a nimble actor who makes Phil one of the more magnetic characters of the season. He could walk offstage and land literally in a David Mamet production and feel at home... McGowen is a nice counterbalance, juggling career and personal decisions [and] he’s equally as compelling... the women are [just] as complex and spirited... Like Van and McGowen, Striepe and Vozniak have a wonderful ease working with each other... Overall this Wedding is a bit goofy and disarming — and the most agreeable surprise of the young theater season so far." -Jim Farmer, Arts Atl (read more)


“[Wall Street Wedding] focuses more on the reverberations and aftershocks that a violent economic downturn (like the 2008 crash) have on human relationships, be they marriages or friendships... [Alex Van] is funny, mesmerizing, and heartbreaking all at once... Ms. Costello glows from the stage; she has “presence.” You can't take your eyes off her... Christie Vozniak (Carla) and Bryn Striepe (Becky) add depth, power, and nuance to the piece... McGowen must be brimming with confidence in his play and in the theatre's talent pool... see this show now." -Manning Harris, Atlanta InTown Paper (read more)


"Written by Grant McGowen, who is quickly becoming a voice of his generation, the themes of Wall Street Wedding hit on some important contemporary issues such as social equity, gender equality, and stigma... Wall Street Wedding will make you laugh, but more importantly it will make you think about the brevity of life and the importance of creating your own path... Pinch ‘n’ Ouch is becoming the hottest theatre off Peachtree that broadcast a voice of a new generation that is not going to take it anymore." - Wilson Trivino, Pure Politics (read more)



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