Girls Life

September 15 - November 20, 2016 / Thursday - Saturday at 8pm; Select Sunday's at 7pm

Catey, Diana, and Janie are a modern day girl squad. They share drunken nights out and have intimate affairs with strangers, as they search to find meaning in a world that seems meaningless. From the critically acclaimed playwright Grant McGowen, GIRLS LIFE tells the story of three young women that just want to be girls.



SEPT 15 - OCT 8 (Thur-Sat.) Directed by Grant McGowen

with Jackie Costello, Alyx Libby, Omer Mughal, Alexa Staudt, Christie Vozniak, & Pedro Ferreira.

OCT 13 - OCT 23 (Thur-Sun.) Directed by Michelle Pokopac

with Alex Frazier, Brian Ashton Smith, Mala Bhattacharya-Dilley, Candace Kitchens, Rylee Bunton, & Jordan Demers.


NOVEMBER 17-20 (Thur-Sun.) Directed by Grant McGowen

with Jackie Costello, Alyx Libby, Omer Mughal, Christie Vozniak, Pedro Ferreira, Alex Frazier, Brian Ashton Smith, Mala Bhattacharya-Dilley, Candace Kitchens, Rylee Bunton, & Jordan Demers.


"Written by Grant McGowen, who is quickly becoming a voice of his generation... [His plays] hit on some important contemporary issues such as social equity, gender equality, and stigma... [They] will make you laugh, but more importantly, will make you think about the brevity of life and the importance of creating your own path... Pinch ‘n’ Ouch is becoming the hottest theatre off Peachtree that broadcast a voice of a new generation that is not going to take it anymore." -Pure Politics


"They are complicated, real humans... the women are allowed to be funny, powerful, indecisive, selfish, loving, and a bit assholish in a way that rings current and true… all of the characters are interesting and unique… Jackie Costello’s Diana, in particular, is a fresh take on the tough girl with a vulnerable side... Costello is beautiful, icy, and flippant but also conveys a genuine struggle to hope for something more... There are a lot of questions raised about truth and honesty… What the play really gets right is the way in which women in particular have friendships that are layered at times with frustration and irritation but ultimately can contain a love and commitment that is often deeper than most of their romantic relationships." -Suburban Apologist


"Costello sizzles as she navigates her role with confidence and displays vulnerability at just the right moments… Libby and Staudt have a compelling onstage chemistry…"Girls Life" absolutely scores points in style. The narrative is firmly rooted in the present with references to recent phenomena that have more or less become mainstays in our everyday life... hip and sexy…The characters are drawn with jagged edges, making them at once familiar and alien... They feel like people we know yet we're bewildered by their choices…"Girls Life" highlights some of the ways theatre can challenge us, make us uncomfortable, and ask us to revel in incongruity.” -Edge Media


“Girls Life” is billed as a comedy, but to me it’s definitely a comedy/drama with the accent on some pretty searing drama… a fine cast who are by turns fiery, witty, vulnerable, defensive, and heartbreaking... performances are indispensable… Mr. McGowen has a fine gift for believable, fluid dialogue… there’s a lot of talent here. I like Omer Mughal’s earnestness and subtlety; I like Jackie Costello’s wit, which is always poised just beneath the surface. I like Pedro Ferreira’s quietness and vulnerability. There’s not a bad apple in this cast. One thing you won’t be in “Girls Life” is bored. McGowen is holding that old mirror up to human nature…” -Atlanta Intown Paper


"Jackie Costello does an especially fine job as the appealing but cosmically bored and disappointed Diana… Christie Vozniak captures Janie’s abrasiveness… Alyx Libby provides a likeably chill stoner vibe as Catey… Girls Life features some strong writing and interesting performances…" -ArtsAtl


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