The Antipodes

May 16 - June 8, 2019 / Thursday - Saturday at 8:30pm

In Annie Baker's The Antipodes, a group of people sit around a table telling, cataloging, and theorizing stories. Are they brainstorming ideas for a TV show? A film? A mythology? This is a world where ghostly fables co-exist with mundane discussions of snacks and sexual exploits, where the vague instruction to tell stories about "something monstrous" though "it might not be a literal monster" becomes maddeningly impossible. Part satire, part sacred rite, The Antipodes asks what value stories have for a world in crisis.

WITH: Alex Van, Jeff Morgan, Britt Douyon, Thien Vuong, Holly Johnson, Michael Weldon, James Cogswell, Keith Douglas, Will Redwood, Jayson Warner Smith, and Katarina Fuller.


"Ms. Baker hears the roar of eternity in the babble of our existence, and the futile heroism in our unending attempts to tell tales that might make sense of it all." - The New York Times